How can I help NJ Makers Day be successful across NJ?

There are many things that an individual can do to assist with ensuring the success of NJ Makers Day on a statewide level. Contact us for more information!

  • Volunteer to help with logistics of the statewide event
  • Be a site mentor. Are you doing making already but some sites nearby are not? Put yourself out there and help fellow site in the local area on a more personal level!
  • Contact your local politicians and invite them to your event. We HIGHLY encourage all sites to do this if you can. Use some of the resources on this website to provide talking points you can use to make a compelling case for community involvement.
  • Share your contacts for makers, artisans and any organizations interested in NJ Makers Day in your local community. Help us make and compile those connections!
  • Share any local press or media coverage you may receive leading up to, or on the day of the event (and take a look at past and current featured media coverage around NJ).
  • Just reach out to us and tell us you want to do more!