NJ Makers Day Highlights : Glen Rock Public Library

NJ Makers Day: A Platform for Collaboration

Working together, Glen Rock Public Library and Glen Rock Middle School were able to create dynamic and successful NJ Makers Day events. The Teen & Technology Librarian Associate, Morgan Taylor, and Middle School Media Specialist, Lauren Mitchell, were looking for opportunities for collaboration and both agreed that NJMD was a great place to start.

They had a few planning meetings and discussed the best tools and format for each of their events. GRMS planned a full Friday school day allowing every 6th grader to come through the media center and explore different stations of maker tools and hands-on projects during their class rotation. GRPL used a similar method on Saturday that allowed users of all ages to visit and explore whatever tools and projects interested them.

Both events relied on teen volunteers to instruct and help out. Lauren and Morgan were able to support one another at each of the events and the town participation was outstanding!

Makers Day at the Glen Rock Library from Glen Rock TV on Vimeo.

Morgan Taylor is a Teen & Technology Librarian Associate at the Glen Rock Public Library (Glen Rock, NJ)

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