NJ Makers Day Highlights : Hainesport School District

One Burlington County Librarian is excited to bring the Makerspace culture to students in her Hainesport Township K-8 school. Since September school librarian Tricina Strong-Beebe has been planning and promoting NJ Makers Day (NJMD) at every grade level. Students are already asking about which events their school will be hosting come March. “In fact, our first New Jersey Makers Day was so successful that we decided to continue our Makerspace activities during the final weeks of June!” says Strong-Beebe.

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Items highlighted in Hainesport Township School’s Makerspace program include:

  • Thingiverse
  • Tinkercad
  • Coding 3D
  • Printing
  • Finch robots
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Brainstorming
  • Troubleshooting

Established in 2015, NJMD fosters the collaboration between libraries, businesses, and museums to offer students hands-on learning experiences. Students are a part of a larger, statewide maker movement and can follow and learn from makerspace events held throughout New Jersey. NJMD is an engaging experience for educators and students alike. Makerspace programs support both New Jersey Common Core and STEAM initiatives. Project-based learning experiences produce 21st Century builders, designers, creators and entrepreneurs for tomorrow’s workforce. Makerspace projects and activities inspire the creation of innovative designs, enhanced self-directed learning, and critical thinking.

For Hainesport Township School especially, the Makerspace movement connects students to their school and public libraries. This past school year, Hainesport students were able to fundraise, in conjunction with the PTO, for a 3D printer. Students have seen multiple cross-curricular projects come alive with 3D prints and interactive software programs. So far, students have been able to print a life-sized human heart for Health class, regions of the United States as well as self-created group projects. Children that see libraries as invaluable community resources will go on to utilize them well beyond graduation. NJMD promotes the free and fun offerings at locations statewide.

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About Tricina Strong-Beebe: Tricina Strong-Beebe is currently a District School Library Media Specialist for K-8th Grade in Burlington County. Previously, she worked for Camden County Library Systems for nine years and currently attends Rutgers University Graduate School for Continued Studies in Education. She was NJLA’s 2013 Karma Scholarship Recipient and a past member of NJLA’s Honors and Awards Committee. You can follow her school on Instagram HPSD_Library and Twitter @BBbiblioTECH.