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Join us for the third Annual New Jersey Makers Day! NJ Makers Day will be held on Friday, March 24 and Saturday, March 25, 2017. We look forward to NJ's freshest innovations, creative efforts, and inspiring growth in the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, math and more!

Register your school, library, museum, makerspace or organization to participate in NJMD 2017 any time online! We invite organizations interested in being a host site for NJMD to register their location in order to engage in networking and professional development opportunities, extended resources and guidance, and assistance with questions regarding program ideas, community connections, funding sources, and more. Those who signed up as "early bird sites" in early November 2016 will also be first in line for any promotional materials or giveaways! There is no cost associated with becoming a participating site, and sites have complete autonomy to plan and coordinate activities as you would like.

Looking for inspiration? New Jersey Makers Day Highlights

Browse to find many resources for a variety of locations, particularly if you have concerns about staffing, space, time, or resources. Take some time to look at our partners and sponsors, and brainstorm organizations and partners in your own community with whom to colloaborate to celebrate and support making and maker culture. Please use the press kit that the NJMD Planning Commmittee put together to modify or use as-is in promotion for your site's NJMD activities in March. Also, our interactive map shows all the NJMD registered sites throughout the state -- find our who else is participating, and maybe find a collaborative partner! Always, feel free to use our Contact form for any questions or feedback.