NJ Makers Day is a celebration of maker culture across New Jersey. This all-ages event connects individuals with libraries, schools, businesses, and independent makerspaces that support making, tinkering, crafting, manufacturing, and STEM-based learning.

This kit is intended for use by affiliate sites hosting NJ Makers Day events. In this promotion and marketing kit, you will find promotional and communication materials to assist you in preparing to engage your communities effectively throughout the year.

Essential Documents

  • Promotion Checklist. This checklist provides a comprehensive list of media outlets and formats including print, social media, and outreach partnerships. Use this list to make sure you get the word out about the NJ Makers Day events in your community.
  • Tips for Partnerships and Fundraising. One of the keys to success for hosting a successful NJ Makers Day event is to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with other organizations in your community. You can also raise funds that not only help you to provide exciting hands-on learning experiences on NJ Makers Day, but develop relationships with local companies that will continue to benefit your organization in the future.
  • Customizable Press Release. Local media outlets may be interested in publishing stories and information about your NJ Makers Day events, especially if you are one of the affiliate sites. The best way to communicate with local media outlets is by sending them a press release with relevant details they would need for coverage. Please use our template with critical information regarding the statewide movement, and add details that are specific to your local event.
  • Legislator Invitation. NJ Makers Day can be a valuable opportunity to connect with your local legislators. We have provided a sample invitation that you can customize with details specific to your local event.


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