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5eTek is the innovator behind 5eBoard™. And yet, the percentage of American students enrolled in STEM related degrees, particularly at graduate level, continuously decreases. According to a recent report from National Foundation for American Policy, foreign students make up the majority of enrollments in U.S. STEM graduate programs. The field of Electrical Engineering has the least enrollment rate for American students, only 29.7%.

Soldering Sunday

Soldering Sunday was originally created by Paul Gentile and Lee Siegel and incubated at FUBAR Labs in Highland Park, NJ. Paul and Lee were looking for a way to find an outlet for their making endeavors as well as encouraging others in their projects. Through their travels to various events, they met Jean Consorti, a crafty maker who later joined the team. As they traveled to different events and Maker Faires, they found that the beginner makers and young makers were under represented. A lot of kits and instructions were either too simplistic or too advanced.


BuildTak is a product manufactured by Ideal Jacobs Corp. in Maplewood, NJ. Ideal Jacobs Corp. was established in 1921, originally selling office supplies, and has since broadened its ventures into industrial printing over the last ninety years. Our numerous areas of expertise include graphic overlays and custom labels and gaskets, injection molded panels and latches, machined parts, laser and die cut components, rapid prototyping and product marking.

BirdBrain Technologies

BirdBrain Technologies LLC was founded in 2010 by Tom Lauwers. For the last five years, Tom had been working on a Ph.D in the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute's CREATE lab. His work there focused on the creation and design of several robots, robot kits, and other electronic devices. His Ph.D describes a design process for how to align the capabilities and interface of these devices to a specific educational context.

AC Moore

A.C. Moore is a specialty retailer offering a vast selection of arts, crafts and floral merchandise to a broad demographic of customers.We opened the first A.C. Moore store in Moorestown, New Jersey in 1985, and have since grown to more than 140 stores. Our stores are located in the Eastern United States from Maine to Florida. In October 2007, A.C. Moore launched its e-commerce site,

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