New Jersey Makers Day Releases FY20/21 Annual Report

I am pleased to announce the release of the New Jersey Makers Day FY20/21 Annual Report.

In approaching the year 2021, acknowledging the deep and ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Jersey Makers Day shifted from acting as a system of outside support for individual site locations to serving as a mechanism for providing direct content for our dedicated organizations.

School and library staff had enough on their plates — ensuring funding, safe and healthy working conditions, adequate staffing, and mental health support — and we knew that New Jersey Makers Day could play a role in taking the burden off our NJMD community while still providing statewide service.

Through NJMD Live!, direct content was provided virtually through two full days of live-streamed content, featuring inspiring keynote speakers like Joylette Hylick.

We are thrilled that many libraries took advantage of this opportunity to share with their students and community members, and many were inspired to use the virtual component in conjunction with take-and-make activities and/or other virtual offerings specific to the interests of their residents.

So, this year, perhaps more than any other, thank you for sharing in the journey to highlight the value of STEM, creating and making, teamwork, perseverance, and community support throughout New Jersey.


Kate Jaggers, President
New Jersey Makers Day