NJ Makers Day Innovation Accelerator Contest

The award winning Fizzee Labs, a NJ based incubator and developers of Launch!, are teaming with NJ Makers Day so sponsor the “NJ Maker’s Day Innovation Accelerator Contest” for 2018.

This contest is open to any 4th-8th grade students in the state of NJ affiliated with a participating NJ Makers Day sites (such as a participating school, library, afterschool program, etc.)

Participants will be tasked with completing the Makerspace Magic Tool (printable from their website) and submitting a 2 minute video telling about their “Big Idea” as developed by completing the tool.

This contest is open through the end of March, and the grand prize for this contest is a live Accelerator LAUNCH! Party for 20 participants utilizing their award-winning entrepreneurship and business development board game. This party would be coordinated with the site representative and Fizzee Labs. Additional details on what the event would include are provided on their contest webpage.

To find out more about this contest, and submit an entry : https://www.fizzeelabs.com/nj-makers-day-contest/