PRESS RELEASE: NJ State Library Pledges Inventor Level Support for New Jersey Makers Day

November 19, 2017

Allen McGinley
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New Jersey Makers Day continues to grow heading into its fourth year

The New Jersey Makers Day Executive Board is proud to announce that the New Jersey State Library has pledged Inventor Level Sponsorship of the 4th Annual New Jersey Makers Day. The statewide event is scheduled to take place at hundreds of libraries and other locations throughout New Jersey on March 9 and 10, 2018.

With participation steadily increasing since 2015, last year’s event boasted 306 sites across all 21 counties of New Jersey with a reported total attendance of over 85,000. Participating locations included schools, colleges and universities, libraries, museums, and other educational organizations.

New Jersey State Library, Trenton, NJ.

In its fourth year, New Jersey Makers Day, now a 501(c)3 New Jersey Non Profit, is able to offer grant opportunities to sites to provide additional resources encouraging making, designing and engineering. New Jersey Makers Day also focuses on providing impactful professional development and support for libraries and other participating sites.

The $2,000 Inventor Level Sponsorship by the New Jersey State Library enables New Jersey Makers Day to increase the offering of hands-on opportunities for creating, crafting, programming, tinkering and a large variety of STEM and STEAM-based learning for all ages in communities statewide.

In a recorded message to 2017 New Jersey Makers Day participants, U.S. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) congratulated makers for being engaged in this proud New Jersey tradition of entrepreneurship and discovery.

“This is an important part of our economy,” said Sen. Booker, “an important part of job creation, an important part of innovation, and pushing the envelope of humanity. This is a day truly to celebrate, and I love that we, in New Jersey, are keeping it going.”

New Jersey Makers Day Board President and co-founder Doug Baldwin says, “We are excited and proud to have the continued support of the New Jersey State Library as a major sponsor of NJ Makers Day! This level of sustained commitment demonstrates their recognition of the impact of bringing STEM and making experiences, education and career-awareness to New Jersey communities and residents throughout the state.”

The New Jersey State Library has played an important role in the development of New Jersey Makers Day and the support has greatly benefited participating sites and communities.

“The State Library is pleased to once again support NJ Makers Day and the entire NJ library makerspace movement,” said Mary Chute, New Jersey State Librarian. “As places of lifelong learning and community engagement, our libraries are already benefiting their cities, towns and counties. But the makerspace movement pushes us a step beyond by creating community spaces where individuals can learn by doing and engage in exploration. The resulting curiosity and creativity have the potential to empower learners of all ages and enrich their lives.”

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About NJ Makers Day

New Jersey Makers Day began in 2015 to enhance community engagement and develop connections among New Jersey residents by collaborating with multi-type libraries, museums, small businesses and other organizations to promote and explore new opportunities for entrepreneurship, innovation and hands-on learning experiences. In 2016, New Jersey Makers Day was expanded to be a two-day event. New Jersey Makers Day is now an independent 501(c)3 non-profit corporation and a registered New Jersey Charity, thereby able to accept tax-deductible donations to grow the event across the state. More information about ways to participate in or support New Jersey Makers Day can be found at